About Nikita
nikita baking

I’m a baker. I bake cakes.

Specifically, I bake wedding cakes.

I have my own business baking and decorating wedding cakes and other kinds of special occasion cakes, petit fours, cupcakes, and, basically, whatever my clients want.
The name of my business, and this blog site, is Jumping Brooms. Do you know about that old tradition from someplace and from sometime when newly married couples held hands and jumped over a broom? I really should look up that story because hopefully I’m not remembering some tradition that has nothing to do with weddings. But I think I’m right. So I created the Jumping Brooms name as a fun name for my business (and this blog site).
I used to work in the corporate world but I got really sick of that. I decided to pursue something that always sounded like fun to me—decorating cakes.  I started this business about 15 years ago, and it has grown and prospered. Now I have five people that work with me.
I’m pretty hands-on with the decorating though. I have people who bake the cakes and do the base frosting.  I have people to deliver the cakes. I have people who manage orders and the website and the social media part of my business.
But I always do the decorating.  I have two people who I trust who also do decorating.
As far as the smaller items, the baked cookies and decorated cupcakes, those I’m comfortable delegating to others of my staff to decorate.
I always oversee every project, though. And I always look at every order before it ships out the door. If they aren’t exactly right, then they don’t go out the door. They have to be redone to my specifications and to my satisfaction. This is how I maintain quality control.
I never want to get bigger than I am now. I think if I got bigger than I am now, I would lose control of my product and quality. So the size that my business is at now is perfect for me. It keeps me busy but I am not one of those people that works 60 or 80 hours per week. I don’t ever want to work like that again. I did that in the corporate world and that was enough.
So this is my blog about my company and my business and my products.
I will probably talk about recipes and about different ways of decorating. I will also probably show pictures and have a gallery and invite comments and ideas.
Welcome to Jumping Brooms!