Limo for Hire: Branching Out

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Branching into Limo Service

So I’ve been thinking about weddings and how much work and planning are involved.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re having a big wedding or a small wedding. There are still lots of details to attend to. You have to contact all of the different service providers, and it doesn’t matter if you’re having 20 guests or 200.

Maybe you get up in the morning and decide that you have to sit down and plan everything that you have to do for the wedding.

You think about the cake decorator, the photographer, getting the church, or getting the other facility whatever it may be, getting flowers, getting a limousine service, arranging for the honeymoon, and everything else in between. It can feel pretty overwhelming. Especially because making all those arrangements requires finding that many different vendors.

Well, I was thinking about adding another service onto my cake decorating. Specifically, I landed on the idea of having a limousine service. This way people could get two services taken care of at once.

I live on 5 acres, so there would be plenty of room for parking the limos.

For drivers, I think initially I could find enough family members to do the job. Some of them I’d have to make sure got cleaned up, though. And I don’t just mean taking a shower, lol.

Actually, now that I think about it, I’d have to buy them tuxes. I had kind of forgotten about the drivers being dressed for the part.

As the business grows, I would add other drivers to the pool.

I need to check into where I would buy limousines from. Or maybe I wouldn’t buy them. Maybe I would rent them or lease them. I need to look into that. Maybe there are other options also for getting limos.
I even wonder if there might be a sort of car-sharing type of arrangement that I could have with another limousine service. I don’t know though, that could be kind of dicey because if they are our competitors they probably would not want to let us use their limousines. So I guess that’s probably a stupid idea.

I think I would want to have a couple of black limousines and a couple of white limousines. I would market them specifically for weddings, but I would also have available for other events like proms and assorted special occasions.

So that’s kind of what I’m thinking right now.

I’m very happy with my cake decorating business, and it does bring in enough money by itself. I really don’t need to start a limo service too. But it just appeals to me. I like the idea of helping to take the stress out of wedding planning by offering two services in one place.

Who knows, maybe I’d add another service down the road, like photography or something. I have a niece that’s a very good photographer. If she pursues it, in a few years maybe she’d come on board as a wedding photographer. You never know. Might as well dream big!

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