School Days Limo Style

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A Limo at Elementary School

I remember one year when the kids pastor at our church had a contest.
It was a contest to see how many visitors each kid could bring to the Sunday service.

The idea of course was to get more kids to come to church and be introduced that way.

The prize winner for the contest would be picked up at school with all of their friends and be taken to a pizza restaurant with the youth pastor.

My daughter really latched onto this idea. She was very excited about it and she was determined to win. So she talked to all of her friends. At that time, she was probably in third or fourth grade.

She managed to get nine friends that all wanted to go. So on the appointed Sunday, I went with my daughter in our van around the local area and picked up all nine of the friends. I took them all to church and they all went in and went to the youth service.

Then I brought all of them back home to our house and we had lunch and then spent the afternoon together. I think some of the mothers came to pick up their daughters. The rest of the girls I took home at the end of the afternoon.

My daughter found out that she was the winner of the contest. She had in fact brought more visitors to church that Sunday than any other child. She was elated.
I had to explain to all of the mothers what was happening. I did explain that their daughters would be picked up from school in the limousine. None of the mothers put up a fuss.

On the day that the pastor in the limousine picked up the girls, I went and took pictures. It was pretty exciting.

There’s always a very long car rider line at the kids’ elementary school. That particular day the limousine was in the car rider line. As it approached the pick-up place, I made sure that all of the girls were all there together.

So the limousine pulled up where all of the other kids were also waiting. The limousine driver hopped out as well as the pastor. They opened the doors and all of the girls piled into the limousine. They were squealing and shrieking and jabbering—totally excited. It was very fun to watch.

It of course impressed all of the other kids in line.

The limousine went to a local pizza hut and I followed and went inside with all of the girls and the pastor. They all enjoyed the pizza and then the limousine took the girls to the church. From that point they got into my van and

I took them all home.

The purpose of the contest was, like I said above, to get more new kids to church. It was a great idea. Out of this bunch of 9 girls, a few of them did go back in the next weeks. I don’t remember now how many of them kept going, or how many might have gone back in years following.

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