Photo Collages and Limo Transports

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Making the Photo Moments Special:

I think that the photo collage companies that have sprung up over the last five or 10 years are just absolutely genius.
To be able to take your favorite photographs and make a collage out of them and put them on canvas that is high enough quality to hang as art pieces–this just the coolest thing.

I’ve made different kinds of gifts with photos. I have made mugs that have photo collages on them, and cards, and I’ve also made canvas collages as gifts.

Earlier this year my kids took a trip to New Zealand. They posted a whole bunch of pictures on Facebook of their trip.

They really had a fabulous trip. They spent two weeks and traveled throughout the North Island and the South Island. They visited the sites were Peter Jackson filmed The Lord of the Rings. My son did a bungee jump over a 500-foot ravine. The kids went on a kayaking trip in a fjord. I didn’t even know New Zealand had fjords!

They did all their traveling in a van that they rented. They had some simple cooking equipment that came with the van, so they were able to do their own cooking as they traveled.

The kids also were able to go to various mountains and places like the Milford Sound. They took a lot of pictures of lakes and valleys and rolling hills covered with sheep. Then they posted all of these in an album on Facebook.

I went through the whole album and selected a bunch pictures. Then I went to one of my favorite photo collage sites and selected a 30 x 20 template. Into this template I put probably 15 or 20 pictures that the kids are taken and posted on Facebook.

I arranged all of the pictures and then submitted the order. The finished collage canvas came back today and it looks fantastic.

I don’t know if the kids will actually keep this particular picture forever or not. Sometimes you enjoy memories of something but you don’t necessarily want to see the pictures for years and years. But it doesn’t matter. I had a great time making the collage and I know they will enjoy the canvas at least for a while.

I was thinking about taking their picture to the post office in a limousine. It just sounded like fun.

I called up a limousine rental company and asked how much it would cost to rent a limousine to pick me up at my house and take me to the post office with my package. Unfortunately it was slightly out of my budget. So I ditched the idea and just got in my van and took the package to the post office.

I do think post office runs is a service that a limousine company could add to their portfolio. That would mean picking up people who need to go to the post office to drop off packages. And taking them back home.

I don’t know, maybe that’s a crazy idea. But who knows. Maybe it could work.

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