Six Tiers on the Floor: Business or Bust

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Wedding Cake Fail: Industry Issues


Every trades person has their disaster story. I seem to have many. Thank God I’m still in business!

I’m gonna tell you about my most spectacular disaster. Looking back now, it’s really very funny. It wasn’t funny at the time, though.

I had made a seven-tier wedding cake. It was for a high-society bride and groom. It wasn’t this one, but it puts it into perspective.

The cake had a huge bottom layer and then six layers stacked on top. They got progressively smaller, and on the very top one was a crystal plate. On top of the plate were two figurines, one of Chewbacca and the other one of Wonder Woman.

This represented the couple that got married. They were great. Very funny. They were totally into Star Wars and Marvel comics.

They were not very laid-back though. They had all of their wedding details planned months and months ahead of time.

They came to me a year before their wedding to order the cake. None of the examples that I had in my cake book were what they wanted. Over the next few weeks I drew up a bunch of different pictures of cakes that I could do based on what they were looking for.

After a month of submitting sketches, I finally got their approval on the final design. This was the one that had seven layers with the two characters at the top.
The wedding was in July in Florida. It was an outdoor wedding.

Florida in July is very hot and humid. I’m not sure exactly what they were thinking. But that’s what they wanted. For two days before the wedding, their cake was the only project that I worked on. Every layer had an intricate design on it and took hours of decorating.

Of course the project began with baking the cakes themselves.

This couple did not want just regular white wedding cake. No, they wanted a different kind of cake for every single layer. This was a challenge for our bakers and of course took them a whole day just to bake the cakes.

The day came when it was time to assemble the cake and take it to the wedding. That was on the wedding day.

We carefully loaded the cake into our transportation van and took it to the venue, which was outside. We set up the cake all on its columns. It looked majestic (except for the cake toppers!) and beautiful.

As we put the finishing touches on it, I was very happy. The bride and groom were elated.
My team and I turned to walk away. As we were about to leave the room, I heard a sloppy-sounding crash.

I turned around and saw that the wedding cake and all of its layers had fallen. The whole cake except for the bottom layer had slid off the table and onto the floor.
Yep. All six layers were on the floor!

I would say that was my biggest disaster!
It turned out that that batch of columns was faulty. They did not hold up to the weight of the cakes on top of them. They gave way and so did the cake.

Let me just say, it was a sight to behold.

What did we do? We called every Publix bakery within a ten-mile radius and bought every single one of their deluxe super-fancy cupcakes, at $4 a pop. It cost us a fortune. We made nothing at all on that job!

But the bride and groom were amazing. They took it in stride and loved the Publix cupcakes.
I dodged a bullet that time.

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